Our Story – From Problem to Solution

Canadian House Sits was created for home owners and house sitters, by an avid house sitter.

Our story begins a few years ago, in a galaxy far, far closer than the ones in those classic space movies your parents (or friends) introduced you to.

At the time, our founder, Aaron Hatchard, had just finished travelling around Australia as a house and pet sitter. With tickets already booked for his next adventure, Aaron was excited to repeat this experience in Canada.

The only problem was, he couldn’t.

With no dedicated Canadian house-sitting websites on the scene, Aaron missed out on the immersive Canadian experience he had looked forward to. Instead, he ended up having to travel like a regular tourist, without the company of any furred or feathered friends.

A web developer and junkie problem solver (just ask him about his Rubik’s Cube records), it was only natural that Aaron decided to create the solution to this problem himself.

Fast-forward through the boring details of web development and coding, and here you are today, reading the “about” page of Aaron’s solution – Canadian House Sits: the house-sitting website connecting home owners with trusted house sitters Canada-wide.

House-sitting Canada-wide

From Vancouver to Toronto, Edmonton to Montreal, and all the way north to Whitehorse and beyond, Canadian House Sits helps home owners and house sitters arrange mutually beneficial house-sitting opportunities.

If you’re a home owner getting ready to leave on vacation, you can use Canadian House Sits to find the right house sitter to care for your pets and/or home while you’re gone.

And if you’re a house sitter, you can find a place to call “home” while you travel around Canada, save money, or just enjoy a break from your regular routine.

With a focus on supporting both our home owners and our house sitters, Canadian House Sits has been designed to be easy and straightforward to use.

Sign up to advertise a house-sitting opportunity or become a house sitter today and see for yourself just how easy it can be!